Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the Controller?
The Controller is responsible for ensuring the integrity and accuracy of management reports and maintaining business control systems.

Why doesn’t my Controller do that?
Your “Controller” is not really a Controller. Many companies have someone who they call their Controller. Often these individuals are involved in bookkeeping tasks (i.e. paying bills, running payroll, etc.). If your “Controller” is not involved in financial analysis, budgeting, overhead control and cash flow planning, then your “Controller” is more of a bookkeeper.

What if I already have an accountant? I have a CPA do my tax return.
Most business owners have a CPA. CPAs are important to your business for tax planning and preparing tax returns. That’s not what we do. We work out of your office and become part of your team. We are involved in understanding the day-to-day issues of your business. We then help by managing internal functions and providing key management information.

What size company does JNT Accounting and Controller Services work with?
Generally, we work with companies ranging from startup to $15 million of annual sales. We have many clients who have revenue in the $1 to $8 million range. At whatever point the business owner needs a strong, internal resource, we can help. Every business, no matter what the size, can benefit from a CFO or Controller.

What type of information should I have to effectively run my business?
We recommend that you have access to the following:

  • Detailed cash-flow planning and forecasting of cash or borrowing needs.
  • Regular internal management
  • Financial analysis of critical business areas such as customer pricing, overhead costs, profit margins and capital expenditures.
  • Development and analysis of performance indicators, benchmarking and ratio analysis.
  • Detailed budgeting of sales and operating costs including trend analysis and pro forma (or “what if”) scenarios.
  • Overhead analysis and cost control initiatives.

What “back office” functions do you help with?
We generally provide help with the oversight of traditional back office functions including: customer billing and accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliations, administration of employee benefits, internal office and administrative functions, payroll support and business insurance oversight.

What is your objective in helping a business?
Our objective is two fold – (1) to provide you with TIME to focus on what is critical to your business, and (2) to provide INFORMATION to allow you to run your business proactively and efficiently.

What is your experience with small business owners?
We have found that many business owners and entrepreneurs are either (1) frustrated with back office administration, in that they spend too much time on it, or (2) they don’t have good management information to help them run their business. We help business owners with internal management information in the areas of cash flow, sales, profit margins and costs. Most of the time, small business owners need help with financial and operational issues.

Why can’t we handle it ourselves? We don’t need any help. We have a bookkeeper.
As long as your in-house people are providing you with budgeting, cash flow planning, overhead analysis, action oriented reporting, cost control – proactive business tools – then you have what you need. If you are not getting these things, your business needs them.

Why would we use your services?
Many companies find themselves at the stage where they need strong in-house resources, though they can’t afford to hire the level they need. In addition, the need is not full-time. They end up settling for a person without the appropriate skills. We will allow you to spend time where it is most important – on sales, marketing, operations and production – not on your back office administration.

What computer systems do you use?
We try to work with your existing systems. If you have outgrown your current system, or if you do not have one, we will make a recommendation. We have worked with a variety of systems applications. We want you to have the best system to meet your management needs.

How much does it cost?
We usually bill by the hour so you can control your costs. We have some clients who use us for two or three hours a month and spend $200 a month. Others use us for 20 plus hours per week and spend $4,000 or $6,000 per month. It just depends on what you need. We customize a solution to meet your needs and your budget. The bottom line is that you gain financial expertise for a fraction of the annual salary of a full-time hire.